Can You Damage Concrete By Power Washing?

28 April 2022

Power washing is a great way to cleanse your home or office building. However, some homeowners may wonder whether they should power wash their concrete driveway or patio.

Power washing is the act of using high pressure water jets to remove dirt from surfaces. This method is often used to clean windows, decks, patios, and other outdoor areas.

Concrete is porous, meaning it absorbs moisture easily. If you power wash your concrete driveway or patio, you risk damaging the surface. The good news is that concrete repair kits exist to fix damaged concrete.

The best way to prevent damage to your concrete is to use a pressure washer on a regular basis. Power washing will help keep your concrete looking new and shiny.

How to Prevent Concret from Cracking

Concrete cracking is one of the most common problems in residential and commercial construction today. In fact, there are several reasons why concrete cracks occur. One of the main reasons is due to improper installation techniques. Another reason is poor drainage around the foundation.

However, there are also more serious causes of concrete cracking. For example, if your concrete has been exposed to excessive heat, then this could cause the concrete to crack.

If you notice any cracks in your concrete, then you need to take action right away. You don't want to wait until the problem gets worse before you do anything about it.

Here are some tips for preventing concrete from cracking:

  1. Make sure that all joints between slabs are sealed properly.
  2. Ensure that your concrete has proper drainage.
  3. Keep your concrete cool.
  4. Place plants near your concrete so that they absorb excess moisture.
  5. Try not to overuse your sprinkler system.
  6. Be sure to check your concrete after heavy rainstorms.
  7. Use an edger to trim grass along the edges of your concrete.
  8. Clean up spills immediately.
  9. Check your foundations regularly. Repair cracked concrete as soon as possible.

Power washing concrete - Cleaning & preparation

Before you start using a power washer, make sure you follow these steps.

1. Remove all debris from around the area where you plan to power wash. You can either sweep it away or use a broom.

2. Make sure the area is completely dry before you begin. Water can cause damage to concrete.

3. Use a hose to fill a bucket with water. Turn off the faucet so there is no flow of water.

4. Place the nozzle at a 45-degree angle.

5. Start spraying the area in small sections until you get a smooth finish.

6. Once you're done, rinse the area thoroughly with clear water.

7. Let the area dry completely before you walk

Safety tips pressure washing concrete

To ensure safety when using a power washer:

1. Wear protective clothing. This includes gloves and eye protection.

2. Never wear loose clothes or jewelry.

3. Do not spray abrasive materials on the concrete. These include sand, gravel, salt, paint and other chemicals.

4. Keep children and pets out of the area where you will be working.

5. Always read the owner's manual and follow its instructions carefully.

6. Avoid using the power washer during high winds.

7. Be careful when using the power washer. Don't lean against walls or fences.

Good How-to concrete cleaning videos

Sometimes videos are the best way to help you with your questions. I don't have one made yet, but can recommend the following concrete cleaning videos on YouTube:

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