Choosing A Residential Roof Cleaning Company

12 October 2022

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Roof cleaning is a service offered by several different businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area. However, some homeowners may find themselves confused when trying to decide between these various options.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a residential roof cleaning company.

1. What Is the Cost of the Service?

Cost is probably the first consideration that most homeowners make when looking for a residential roof cleaning company, but it shouldn't be the only one. There are many variables that go into determining cost, including the type of roof being cleaned, the size of the area being serviced, and the number of times the job needs to be done.

2. How Long Does the Job Last?

Some roof cleaners provide a single visit, while others offer multiple visits over a period of weeks or months. The length of time depends on the type of roof being serviced and the extent of damage. For instance, a homeowner whose roof has been damaged by heavy winds may require multiple visits to completely clean the roof. On the other hand, a homeowner whose roof was damaged by a storm may only need a single visit to remove debris and restore the roof surface.

3. Who Will Be Doing the Work?

Homeowners should ask questions about who will be doing the work, especially if the contractor is going to climb onto the roof. They should also inquire about the qualifications and training of the workers. Homeowners should also look for signs of professionalism, like uniforms and safety equipment.

4. Are Any Insurance Requirements Being Met?

Most roof cleaning contractors carry liability insurance. But homeowners should verify that the policy covers all damages caused by the contractor during the project. Some policies cover only physical injuries, while others cover both physical and property damage.

5. Can I See References?

A homeowner should call references provided by the contractor before signing a contract. These references should give information about previous projects completed by the contractor and details about the quality of the work.

6. Do I Need to Hire Another Company to Complete My Project?

It's possible that a contractor won't be able to complete the entire project alone. If so, homeowners should ask if another company will be needed to finish the job.

7. What Happens When the Contract Ends?

After the project is finished, homeowners should receive a written estimate detailing the costs associated with the project. They should also be informed of any additional charges that may apply after the initial estimate.

8. What Should I Expect During the Process?

During the process, homeowners should expect to wait until the roof cleaner arrives and begins work. They should also expect to hear noise from the crew as they work. Finally, homeowners should expect to see the results of the project within a couple of days.

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