[Our Job IMAGES] Cleaning A Beautiful Patio and Pool Area In Tampa Bay

19 July 2022

Check out our cleaning job images for this nice patio and pool screen of my customer in Tampa Bay:

pressure-washing-patio-pool-screen (3).jpg
pressure-washing-patio-pool-screen (3).jpg
pressure-washing-patio-pool-screen (2).jpg
pressure-washing-patio-pool-screen (2).jpg
pressure-washing-patio-pool-screen (4).jpg
pressure-washing-patio-pool-screen (4).jpg

Patios are a common feature in Florida homes. They provide outdoor living space, but also come with some maintenance issues.

Here are some tips for cleaning your patio so you can enjoy it all summer (and Florida winter) long.

  1. Cleaning Patio Furniture
    Cleaning patio furniture requires special care. First, wash the cushions thoroughly with soap and water. Next, wipe down the frame with a damp cloth. Finally, apply a fresh coat of paint to protect the wood.
  2. Maintain Garden Pots
    Garden pots require regular watering and fertilizing. Water garden pots when the soil feels dry to the touch. Use a fertilizer specifically made for plants, like Miracle Gro® Potting Soil & Plant Food.
  3. Remove Weeds
    Weed control is essential for keeping patios looking beautiful. To remove weeds, first pull out the roots. Then, spray weed killer around the base of the plant. Wait 24 hours before mowing again.
  4. Trim Trees
    Trees growing near patios can cause damage. Before trimming trees, make sure you have the proper permits. Also, avoid cutting branches that fall onto the patio. Instead, cut away from the tree.
  5. Repair Roof Damage
    Roof leaks can ruin a patio. Check the roof for signs of damage. If you find cracks or holes, repair them immediately. Otherwise, wait until springtime to fix the leak.
  6. Apply Sealant
    Sealants prevent moisture from getting inside your home. Apply sealant to areas of your patio that tend to collect water. For instance, put sealant along the edges of concrete slabs.
  7. Replace Deck Boards
    Deck boards must be replaced every four years. As part of routine maintenance, replace damaged deck boards. Also, inspect the nails holding the boards together. Nails that are too short or loose can lead to rot.
  8. Install Rain Gutters

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