A Fresh Summary of My Recent Blog Articles

11 September 2020

Here are my latest blog posts for your inspiration:

# 1: Soft washing is simply the most gentle method to clean a roof.

Why? Instead of cleaning with a detergent and the power of a strong jet of water directed at your roof shingles, soft washing uses the power of a special chemical mix to dissolve and lift the dirt off the tiles. This chemical cleans whatever it comes in contact with, fast and very effective.

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# 2: Driveways and Sidewalks - the often neglected couple

Pressure cleaning driveways and sidewalks is an unwelcome task for many homeowners. However, they are responsible for their stretch of sidewalk in front of their property. They have to keep it clean from leaves, dirt and algae to make sure it doesn't become a slippery slope when it rains - not to mention the lack of curb appeal...

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# 3: How to Avoid Black Streaks on Your Roof

I have taken many videos and pictures of our work on roofs (and all around the house) to showcase what a difference it makes to pressure- or soft wash any outdoor area. Today I would like to present to you two before-and-after shots of a big roof in Tampa that we recently cleaned to introduce the subject of black-streaking of your roof.

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# 4: Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning all over Tampa Bay

We worked on different types of roofs, from asphalt shingles to tiles, pool screens, commercial buildings and even a basketball court. It is important for me to make sure, that the work is done meticulously and with care. Another crucial thing is to treat everyone with respect and kindness. My customers have come to appreciate this and comment on it regularly, which makes me happy :-)

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Rounding it up:

I can take care of all your soft washing and pressure washing needs. I am here and happy to help. Please call me for a Free Quote for your roof or any other outdoor project.


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