Roof Soft washing - the Most Gentle Method to Clean Your Roof

11 August 2020

Recently I cleaned this tiled roof for a customer of mine in Clearwater. Can you see the difference that it made? Well, probably not at a first glance, but you’ll see it when you continue to read this article ... ;-)

I have added enough photos to showcase the difference.

Also, in this article, you’ll find a quick 30-second rundown of the benefits that soft washing has for your pocket book.

So, lets get started:

The first two images below give you the street view from the house: One before and one after soft washing.


Street view before soft washing - compare the color to the roof on the right ...


Street view after: Instantly improved curb appeal!

Following are different images from the top of the roof, before we got started.

Rooftop view - before

You cannot even tell that these are actually reddish roof tiles

In this second part of this article you’ll see images from the same angle of vision - but now it gives you the pleasing view of how it looked after we were done.

Rooftop view - after

Soft washing is simply the most gentle method to clean a roof.

Why? Instead of cleaning with a detergent and the power of a strong jet of water directed at your roof shingles, soft washing uses the power of a special chemical mix to dissolve and lift the dirt off the tiles. This chemical cleans whatever it comes in contact with, fast and very effective.

When the chemicals have done their job, it only takes moderate water pressure to wash the solution and grime off. Theoretically you could skip the pressure washing altogether after the application of the chemical solution (soft wash). A strong rainfall could take care of the rinse off.

But, though we have a lot of rain in the Tampa Bay area, this is not a reliable occurrence, and so we always pressure wash the roof with a lower setting to wash off any and all the solution. This is generally more gentle for the roof surface than using strong water pressure.

Soft washing benefits in a nutshell:

Soft washing has become the preferred way to perform maintenance cleanings for residential homeowners and commercial business owners and here is why:

  • Procedure is faster and more effective than conventional pressure washing
  • → Less downtime for you waiting for us to be done
  • Surface (roof tiles) stay clean longer
  • Fewer visits for professional cleaning
  • Less money spent on cleaning
  • Supports the longevity of tiled-, shingle- or asphalt roofs
  • Fewer costs for new roofing
  • More responsible resource management
  • → Less water usage and chemical exposure to the environment

Read more about soft washing

Summing it all up:

I can take care of all your soft washing and pressure washing needs. I am here and happy to help. Please call me for a Free Quote for your roof.


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