Driveways and Sidewalks - the often neglected couple

22 July 2020

I want to show you what a difference it makes to pressure clean those two surfaces. It can be done in one go, and is really affordable.

Now, you might agree that your driveway needs some attention but at the same time, you feel that the sidewalk in front of your house really isn't your business. After all, other people are using it, too, and it seems not fair, that you alone should care for this public space.

I hear you. Unfortunately, nobody will do it or have it done for you and also pay for it. Not the City. Not your neighbor. So it stays the way it is: Dingy, grubby and unsightly. Algae grow and when you have trees, leaves are falling in large quantities in spring. Then it rains and turns your sidewalk into a slippery slope, which is not just from the leaves but the algae, too.

That might be bad news. Especially for you, who own a nice, big corner lot. There is so much more sidewalk to take care of. Which is why I am suggesting, we should take care of that task for you and you don't have to lift a finger.

Here is the above mentioned home where we were about to pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk:


I was standing on the roof taking this picture. This u-shaped concrete driveway needed a really good cleaning. If you compare it to the other driveways across the street, you can tell why it was high time for this one.


Wow! So bright :-) The owner of this property was very pleased with that new look and result.

Next up is another u-shaped driveway.
This time we cleaned the pavers and included the sidewalk, too.


The pavers of this driveway are getting a nice “head massage” from our rotating disc ;-) This is the best way to clean brick pavers and not wash out the sand between the stones.

And another home with a paved driveway getting the "spa treatment" by one of your technicians ...


... lots of fresh water and some cleaning solution to make the pavers look like new :-)

Sidewalk of a Corner Lot

In the next series of pictures you’ll see the sidewalk of a corner lot with a lot of square feet surface in a neighborhood with lots of mature trees:


This does look a lot better!

And some more “before” images of the same property:


This is the "look" of that same stretch of sidewalk afterwards:


And another stretch ”before”:


You can easily see in this picture, how the surface can become slippery from that black algae and those wet leaves.

But no worries: Here is the “after” view of things:


Hope you were inspired and feel an urge to clean your sidewalk and driveway, too. We can come and do it all in one chunk. This type of cleaning is fast and affordable.

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