Roof Softwashing - How It Is Done And What To Expect

16 April 2020

For several years now, softwashing is part of everybody's vocabulary but most people don’t know what it actually means. We used to pressure wash roofs “back in the days”, which was more of an effort for the technician. Softwashing relies strongly on the effectiveness of the applied cleaning solution. Only in its last step, pressure washing is used to wash down what has been loosened and lifted off the roof shingles.

What is Softwashing?

Soft washing started about 20 years ago. It was initially created as a cleaning technique for safely removing algae stains from shingle roofs. It's a potent mix of chemicals designed to treat the building exterior surfaces. The chemical does all of the cleaning, removing the organic based stains. Be assured that anywhere the chemical can reach will be cleaned. The chemical is not selective. It cleans whatever it comes in contact with. No pressure is needed for the cleaning process, only for the application and for washing it all off.

Theoretically you could skip the pressure washing altogether after the application of the chemical solution (softwash) and let a strong rainfall take care of it. Since this is not a reliable occurrence, we always pressure wash the roof with a lower setting to wash off any and all of the solution.

Softwashing - How is it done?

Theoretically, you could softwash a surface by using a spraybottle connected to a tank containing the cleaning solution, let it sit and wash it off. However, if we are talking about a roof that needs cleaning it is preferable to call a professional. Roof Softwashing is quite affordable. In my case, I have done hundreds of roofs and am comfortable working at a great height. I come with an assistant who works on the ground while I get up on your roof to apply the gel-like solution. The gel does not run off immediately and "sits" on the roof for the desired time to work. My assistant remains on the ground to water the plants around your home and pay attention to any run-offs from the roof. Those drips of the gel are then immediately diluted with a stream of fresh water to not burn your plants. As soon as the chemical has worked its magic, I use a pressure washer with a lower setting and wash off any and all solution and with it the grime, mold, mildew, algae and dirt.

Environmental Concerns

Since we are talking about a strong chemical solution we also need to consider our environment. Careful chemical choices need to be made while soft washing. Biodegradable chemicals are available making soft washing even more environmentally responsible. The product we use is a commercial-grade solution that works very well.

Benefits for the Homeowner

Besides boasting with an undeniably improved curb-appeal, there are more practical benefits to a homeowner in softwashing his or her roof:

  • Soft washing has a long-lasting cleaning effect and allows a surface to stay clean with less frequent visits from a company like mine ;-)
  • Further less visits mean less water use and less chemicals. In soft washing, less is definitely more when it comes to responsible resource management.

Soft washing is becoming a preferred way to perform maintenance cleanings for residential homeowners and commercial business owners.

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