What to Expect When Renting a Pressure Washer

9 December 2019

Cleaning your driveway, sidewalks, siding, roof or a number of other areas of your house or business with a pressure washer in Land O´Lakes, FL, is a great way to make your property look like new again. You’ll spend much less time and effort cleaning via power washing than you would through conventional scrubbing and rinsing.

Buying or Renting a Pressure Washer?

For many homeowners and some business owners, buying a pressure washer is not cost effective, especially if you only use the equipment once a year. You must maintain the pressure washer just as you would with other types of equipment, which figures into the cost of ownership. Another alternative involves renting one. If you’re thinking about doing so, here’s everything you need to know about pressure washer rental in Land O´Lakes.

One Size Does Not Fit All

If this is your first time cleaning with a pressure washer, you may think that choosing one is an easy task. It’s not straightforward. You’ll need to consider several factors before you choose one, load it in your vehicle and take it back to your property for your cleaning job.

Electric or Gas?

Electric-powered and gas-powered pressure washers are the two main types. Most electric pressure washers are light-duty machines, suitable for many different types of home cleaning tasks such as cleaning outdoor furniture, pool screens, lawn care equipment, etc. Light duty means these machines won’t spray water at extremely high pressure called PSI. The higher the PSI on the machine, the greater the force of the water. Electric pressure washers are also suitable for cleaning inside a building as they don’t need ventilation like gas models do.

Most gas pressure washers are medium- or heavy-duty machines. Medium-duty machines have PSI ratings of 2,800 and lower and are suitable for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, siding, decks, fences and the like. Some experts recommend renting a hot water pressure washer if you have a job that has high levels of stain, grime, bacteria, algae or other organic matter as the combination of hot water, high pressure and a cleaning agent will make the work easier. Take note, however, that some hot water gas units bridge the gap toward high-pressure machines and are more difficult to operate.

Heavy-duty gas pressure washers have psi ratings of over 2,800. Most homeowners won’t need to consider these units as they are used primarily for commercial cleaning or for big jobs like parking lots. Business owners may need to consider heavy-duty machines for their cleaning applications. Two types are available: belt drive and direct drive. Belt drive models are more common but they are also more expensive to rent as the belt connects the engine to the pump to allow the unit to operate at a lower temperature and have a longer life.

Consider Your Cleaning Tasks Before Renting

What you have to clean plays a major role in what type of unit you rent when power washing in Land O´Lakes. If you have a large property or have equipment or surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in a long time, you may be better off buying your own unit. Purchasing a pressure washer costs about two to three times the cost of a rental. Pay attention to the PSI and flow ratings on the units too so you don’t rent “too much” or “too little”. Renting the wrong type of unit will result in one of two scenarios: either you will not get the surface you’re washing sufficiently clean or you will damage the surface or overall structure with pressure that is too high. Most machines will have manuals recommending usage and pressure settings.

Should I Rent Accessories Too?

Accessories will increase cleaning efficiency. Hoses and wands, as well as gas or diesel fuel, will come with the rental package, however, you’ll have to pay extra for soaps and other cleaning agents. When cleaning siding and roofs, always check with the manufacturer of the surface for recommended cleaners.

Surface cleaners are the most popular accessories to rent. These are ideal for use on large surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios and decks. You’ll clean the area much faster with one of these than you would with a standard nozzle. Extension wands are a must for cleaning gutters, roofs and other high and hard-to-reach areas. These wands eliminate the need to climb up on ladders, which become slippery and dangerous when covered in water and soap.

Rental Outlets and Costs for Pressure Washing in Land O´Lakes

You will find pressure washing machines at many different retail locations including hardware stores, big box stores and equipment rental outlets. Often, many light-duty pressure washer will rent for $30 to $40 per day. The higher the PSI, the more you pressure washer will cost to rent. Some of the highest performing units will rent upwards of $300 per day.

Finding Pressure Washing In Land O´Lakes

Even though a variety of pressure and power washers are available, you may find that renting or owning a pressure washer is something that wouldn't suit your situation or personality. You may also realize that performing a power washing job is something beyond your abilities. The power behind a pressure washer can be difficult to control. Not only do you have to worry about that, the operator's inexperience in cleaning various surfaces with a rented pressure washer has the ability to damage or destroy home surfaces. If you're worried about doing the job on your own, why not let Edwin's Pressure Washing in Land O`Lakes do the job for you? Not only can we handle power exerted by a high-pressure unit, but we also have the ability to perform the job better than you will do on your own. Contact us today at 1-813-841-5024 for more information on how we can help.