How Much Will My Pressure Washing Job In Tampa Bay Cost?

25 July 2019

Regular pressure washing can save you a considerable amount of time and money. Yet, many people worry considerably about the cost. Power washing is much more economical than you think.

The final cost depends primarily on the size of your job. When it comes down to it, when you analyze how much the price of pressure washing costs as opposed to all the time and additional maintenance you'll perform on your own, you'll be surprised at just how inexpensive this technique is in the Tampa Bay area.

Whole House Jobs

Generally, these are the most expensive pressure washing jobs because of the amount of time involved as well as the square footage. For an exact price on how much the exterior of your home will cost, visit our FREE quote page and follow the prompts. The typical range is between $185 and $380, but the price can be as high as $600 if you have a very large house or have problems such as stubborn mold that needs extra attention or more powerful cleaning.

We make it really easy for you to get an exact quote for your home because we use modern technology available from Google Earth to determine the size of your home. We look at it from above and from street level to see what, if any obstacles you may have, such as vegetation, along with the state of your exterior. by describing any specific problems in our online form, we can usually give you a quote without seeing your property, but sometimes we do have questions. If that's the case, we'll work with you to find a convenient time when we can assess the problem to give you a firm price.

Let's face it, the climate in the Tampa Bay area can be really hard on the exterior of your home. Periodically, tropical storms and hurricanes come through our area, whipping dirt and debris onto your home's exterior. You may not notice the damage as much as broken windows and missing roof sections, but deterioration and discoloration accumulate, making siding, stucco and other exterior surfaces appear dingy. Not only that, the high humidity in our state leads to mold growth, particularly on the north side of buildings. A dingy looking exterior can affect the value of your home when you put it up for sale, while a pressure washing job can restore residential curb appeal.

  • TESTIMONIAL - "We had no idea how dark the exterior stucco of our home had become since moving in a decade ago. It wasn't until we decided to list our home that we became aware of it. Our real estate agent suggested that we have the exterior pressure washed before she even took photos of our home. She said that the darkened exterior could cost us several thousand dollars in the final sales price. We took her advice and contacted Edwin's Pressure Washing Land O' Lakes and couldn't believe the difference in the way our home looked! It sparkled! Our home sold quickly and we got our asking price. Thank you Edwin!" - Kristi L, Clearwater

Decks, Patios and Outdoor Furniture

Like most Tampa Bay residents, you probably occasionally hose down your outdoor living area to remove leaves and other debris. While regular maintenance will help, it's no match for Florida weather. Pressure washing elements of your outdoor living area will make the area bright and more pleasant for cookouts and other events. Scheduling regular appointments with our service will keep your deck, patio and outdoor furniture free of moss, mold and dirt. The average cost for pressure washing a 250-square foot deck in our service area is about $100. You'll find the same approximate costs for a patio. Most jobs of that size take between 1.5 hours to two hours and include appropriate chemical or organic detergents per your wishes.

Estimating the price of cleaning your outdoor furniture is a little more difficult. Again, it depends on how much furniture, and therefore how much time it takes to complete the job. Why not combine cleaning your outdoor furniture with your deck or patio surface cleaning to save money? By doing so, you'll save money. Our technicians are already there for one job, so doing two jobs at the same time makes sense when you want to make your outdoor living area fresh and new.

  • TESTIMONIAL - "We have an extensive backyard with a large patio, built-in barbecue and masonry privacy fencing. Five years after our landscaper installed these piece, the patio began to look stained and the masonry wall was dull. We also thought about getting new outdoor furniture. A co-worker told us to try pressure washing first. The professionals from Edwin's Pressure Washing Land O' Lakes were prompt, arriving at the time they promised, and courteous of my family and my property. Within two hours they were done. Our patio and privacy wall looked like the day it was installed and our outdoor furniture looked like brand new. The price of the pressure washing was less than what we would have spent on new outdoor furniture, and we got a better- looking backyard to boot!" -Dan B., St. Petersburg

Pool Enclosures and Pool Decks

Pools are one of the most popular residential features in Florida. Chances are you perform much of the maintenance yourself, but most of that work probably involves keeping the pool water itself at the right level. While your pool water may be at the right pH, your deck and the screen enclosures, if you have them, are most likely suffering. Grime easily accumulates on pool deck grout while screens attract everything flying through the air. Who wants to spend time in a pool when its surroundings look dirty? Depending on the size of your pool facilities, you can expect prices to start at approximately $100. Again, your best bet is to submit a request for an estimate through our free quote page. The size of the job does affect the price, so to get an accurate quote, it's best to let us assess your property.

  • TESTIMONIAL - "We started using our pool less and less because of the way the pavers looked on our deck. After Hurricane Irma blew through in 2017, our pool enclosure looked awful too as it had a lot of debris stuck in the screens. We contacted Edwin's Pressure Washing Land O' Lakes and they not only cleared our screens of excess dirt, but our stone pavers also looked great. Thanks to your services, we're using our pool a lot again! Thank to Edwin and his great pressure washing team!" -Charise M., Tarpon Springs

Annual Cleaning Plans

Edwin's Pressure Washing Land O' Lakes offers several yearly cleaning plans that can save you even more money on your cleaning costs. When you sign up for one of our annual plans, you'll not only save money, you also won't have to worry about missing a cleaning as we'll remind you when it's time for one of our services. Choose from our one-story entire home cleaning or our two-story home services. These packages include two window cleanings, a pool deck and enclosure cleaning, one driveway and sidewalk cleaning and a whole house washing. Ask for a FREE quote now!

We also offer a 15 percent discount for senior citizens living in the Tampa Bay area for all of our services. Contact us for any type of exterior cleaning. We have successfully cleaned surfaces such as tennis courts, playgrounds, walls and similar structures. If it's a hard surface, we can clean it! Just ask our happy customers.