How-to Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Your House In Florida

15 June 2022

Pressure washing residential or commercial houses and other buildings in Florida can cause significant damage to the environment. The chemicals used in the process can harm soil and water, and carbon dioxide is emitted during the transportation of equipment to and from sites.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA, pressure washing generates moderate levels of greenhouse gases, primarily due to the transportation of equipment.

Also, a study by the University of Florida Water Institute estimated that the average consumer spends $1,500 to $6,000 over 15 years on unnecessary and expensive repairs caused by water damage. Much of this damage is preventable by eco-friendly pressure washing techniques.

Below are a few ways to help protect our environment and reduce the carbon footprint of your home maintenance tasks.

  • The environmentally friendly way to clean your house is to use a hose with a low-pressure nozzle. It’s safer for people and pets, less stressful on nearby plants. The high-power pressure washers used by most contractors can send debris hundreds of feet into the air, potentially causing property damage and nuisance.

  • Ask if the pressure washing company you’re considering using offers eco-friendly solutions, such as low-solvent solutions, reuses solvents or discusses alternative solutions with you.

  • Choose a company located close to your home, reducing the amount of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions associated with the task.

  • Look for a company that covers their equipment with debris nets to reduce waste from debris.

  • Keep your cars and other outdoor equipment indoors when a pressure washing service is at your home.

  • Do not dump remnant paint in storm drains or other public rights-of-way. Some paint additives are prohibited for disposal in public rights-of-way because they may poll.

  • Scrub wood trim and siding instead of spraying it with soap or soapy water. This technique uses baking soda or a biodegradable soap as an abrasive and sheds layers of paint in the process.

  • Low-pressure nozzles reduce splash and protect people, structures, and landscaping. Nozzles that produce a downward angle help prevent paint damage and prevent water from running into structures.

  • Buckets can be used to collect debris instead of spraying it around.

  • Stirring brushes allow you to deep-clean hard-to-reach areas without spreading around dirt.

  • Choose biodegradable cleaning solutions to protect freshwater lakes and streams. Some products are even certified organic by the EPA’s Eco-Smart Label Program (

For more eco-friendly tips, check out the Home Defenders Academy from the National Pesticide Action Network. The NPAN is a nonprofit organization that educates people about nonviolent solutions to environmental and health issues.


In conclusion, pressure washing your residential or commercial house can be a great way to save money and be eco-friendly. You can do it yourself or hire a professional pressure washing service. Be sure to research the best way to pressure wash your specific type of house in Florida to ensure you are using the most effective and eco-friendly method possible.

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